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Koert van Buiren

Koert van Buiren is managing partner of Amsterdam Bureau for Economics (EBA) and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Koert is a content driven, experienced manager, and has led professionals in various management positions. He is also a supervisor in the (semi-) public sector and acts as an arbitrator in economic arbitration cases of the Dutch Arbitration Institute (Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut).

Koert has over 20 years of experience in economic research and consultancy in the Netherlands and abroad. He regularly acts as a specialist in competition cases, economic damage cases, state aid cases and public procurements. He conducts research and advises on a wide range of policy areas for Dutch ministries. He regularly publishes on competition, state aid and procurement.

Koert regularly carries out research and advisory projects in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom (Aruba, Curaçao, St. Maarten and the Caribbean Netherlands). He advises on economic growth policy, market design, competition policy, economic regulation and corporate governance. Koert has an extensive network of contacts on all islands in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, in the business community and the government.

Koert studied economics at the University of Amsterdam and graduated (Msc) in (international) macro-economics. Afterwards, he specialized in competition economics and corporate finance. From 2008 to 2010 he worked in Curaçao where he coordinated the dismantling process of the Dutch Antilles on behalf of the Netherlands and was responsible for the division of properties and debt. Until January 2019, he was head of the competition economics department and director of SEO Economic Research. In February 2019 he founded Amsterdam Bureau for Economics.

In addition to his work at Amsterdam Bureau for Economics, Koert holds an ancillary position as a member of the supervisory board of Netherlands Petroleum Stockpiling Agency (COVA). COVA is an independent organization with a legal task. Board members of COVA are appointed by the Minister of Economic Affairs.

Would you like to know what Koert can contribute to your organization? Contact him: k.vanbuiren@economisch-bureau.nl or + 31- (0) 6-125 05 395

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Cees van Gent

Cees van Gent is associate partner of Amsterdam Bureau for Economics. He wrote a widely used handbook in the field of industrial economics/competition economics and has over thirty years of experience in policy research, development and implementation in competition and economic regulation, both nationally and internationally.

Cees was jointly responsible for developing and establishing the Dutch Competition Authority (NMa), currently the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). He led the establishment of economic regulation of the electricity and gas markets in the Netherlands, the first competition directorate of the Dutch Healthcare Authority NZa and the ‘Visible Care’ directorate at the Health Care Inspectorate / VWS.

Over the past ten years, Cees has advised governments at home and abroad on competition and regulation in general and in healthcare in particular. He was intensively involved in the implementation of competition policy and supervision in Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten.

In 2014 he was appointed as a European member in the Health Care Market Inquiry panel by the Competition Commission in Pretoria South Africa. In that capacity, he led a comprehensive five-year study of competition in private health care in South Africa.

Cees studied Economics at the University of Amsterdam, with the main specialization Industrial Organization (industrial / competition economics).

Would you like to know what Cees can contribute to your organization? Contact him at: c.vangent@economisch-bureau.nl or +31-(0)6-396 56 440

Sjoerd Boerdijk

Sjoerd joined Amsterdam Economic Bureau for Economics as a consultant in May 2020. He works on research and advisory projects in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom as well as in the Netherlands. For example, he works on the development of a Caribbean database with social, economic and institutional indicators of Caribbean islands and he develops a Caribbean Index that measures and compares the economic performance and potential of Caribbean islands.

Sjoerd studied Economics at the Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Maastricht. After completing the bachelor study, Sjoerd worked as an Analyst at the company GroenLeven, market leader in developing solar energy systems in the Netherlands. As a Financial Analyst, Sjoerd has mainly been involved in the development of investment models and financial analyzes, and acted as an important sparring partner for the management.

Please contact Sjoerd at: s.boerdijk@economisch-bureau.nl

Martijn Mak

Martijn Mak

Martijn Mak works as a consultant at Amsterdam Bureau for Economics. His work includes expanding the Caribbean Analytics and Statistics (CAS) data tool with cost-of-living data. He also participates in other EBA research and consultancy projects.
Martijn graduated as an economist and econometrician. During his bachelor’s degree in Econometrics, he also completed the first year of Economics and Business Economics and broadened in the direction of General Economics. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Econometrics and his master’s degree in Economics at the Free University of Amsterdam, both cum laude. For his graduation thesis, he was commissioned by Troostwijk Auctions to map out the effects of second-hand trade on greenhouse gas emissions.

Please contact Martijn at: m.mak@economisch-bureau.nl

Arthur van Dam

Arthur has been working as an analyst at Amsterdam Bureau for Economics since January 2021. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Economics at Leiden University and holds a minor degree in Econometrics at the Free University of Amsterdam. He is currently following a master’s degree in Economics at the University of Amsterdam.

Please contact Arthur at: a.vandam@economisch-bureau.nl