A competition case is won with the use of hard analytical facts and good reasoning. We help companies, lawyers, governments and competition authorities in the areas of: cartel (damage), mergers & acquisitions, abuse of economic power, state aid, procurement, market & government and regulation. We do this with:

  • Economic and econometric research
  • Economic argumentation
  • Strategic advice
  • Expert witness
  • Second opinions

Our people have extensive experience in competition cases domestically and abroad. Would you like to know if we can help you? We are happy to have an exploratory and confidential conversation.

Has your company been damaged? Or are you dealing with a damage claim? We perform economic damage analyses that give you a solid foundation in court and settlement procedures. Our people have extensive experience in calculating, substantiating and assessing economic damage. In competition cases, tenders, abuse of dominant positions and in unlawful acts by the government.

We can help you with economic damage assessments and damage claims.

Does your company have plans for an investment or a different course? And would you like to have insight into the financial consequences of such a decision? We can set up a clear model that gives you insight into all costs, benefits, risks and uncertainties. You can use our models to optimize your investment or business plan.

Do you need a valuation of your business, contract or assets? We can perform valuations for you based on accepted methods.

Or would you like to know how your organization - company, municipality or institution - is performing compared to your peers? We can perform a benchmark analysis with the aim of finding out where you can improve your organization.

The healthcare sector in the Netherlands is faced with a complex mix of guiding government regulations and stimulus through regulated market forces. In addition, the sector is subject to autonomous supply and demand developments. Think of changes in the labor market or developments in applied technology and new medicines.

If you are dealing with issues concerning market forces or competition in the healthcare sector, please contact us. We have domestic and international experience in these areas and can help you with market forces analyses and competition cases. Also with practical advice on what is and what is not permitted by the Dutch Competition Authority (ACM) and the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

Read more about our experience and activities in the Caribbean region.

Do you need support in any of these areas? Please contact us.