Bonaire is the region’s growth gem

The economy of Bonaire is undergoing an impressive development, describes Koert van Buiren (Amsterdam Bureau for Economics) in the Bon Bini Bonaire magazine. At the same time, there are large parts of the population that do not or that hardly benefit from these developments. For further and, above all, inclusive growth, it is key that Bonaire develops its own earning capacity, especially in the market sector, and that poverty is combated.

Aruba Social Security and Labor Market Reform

In collaboration with De Beleidsonderzoekers, Amsterdam Bureau for Economics (EBA) conducted research into Aruba’s social security system. Several concrete proposals have been made to modernize Aruba’s social security system. After the study, De Beleidsonderzoekers and EBA drew up an integral program of reforms in the field of social security and the labor market at the request of the clients.