How we work

Understand what your need is

We are convinced that we only come to useful solutions if we really understand what your need is. That is why we take the time to understand the task and the context precisely. Then we get started.

Independent and involved

You want us to think along, but not for us to be carried away. With intensive involvement, and with an independent view, we help you to tackle problems without tunnel vision.

Solutions that help further

To us, results of advanced analyses are not an end, but a means to an end. We ensure that analytical results are of help to you. By converting them into practical solutions with feasible plans. And by helping with the implementation. We can also make experts available for to help you with the implementation.

Our work does not stop with a report

Our involvement does not stop with a report. A report that matters gets things moving. Moreover, during implementation of recommendations, you will need reflection. That is why we are also there for you when the assignment is completed.


‘The Dutch do not work little, but divide hours unequally’

The Dutch working week is short, but the Dutch work about as much per capita as the average in the EU. Martijn Mak (Amsterdam Bureau for Economics) shows this in a contribution to the ESB. However, the hours are much more unequally distributed between men and women than in the rest of the EU, which puts women in a vulnerable position.

Our people

Amsterdam Bureau for Economics employs experienced economists and econometricians who have distinguished themselves in research, policy, management and implementation.

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Located in the center of Amsterdam, however we work throughout the Netherlands and internationally. Would like to know more? Please contact us.

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