Bonaire is the region’s growth gem

Published by Economisch Bureau Amsterdam on

The economy of Bonaire is undergoing an impressive development, describes Koert van Buiren (Amsterdam Bureau for Economics) in the Bon Bini Bonaire magazine (link in Dutch). Compared to other Caribbean countries and territories, Bonaire is characterized by strong economic growth, high GDP per capita, low unemployment and a relatively diverse economy. These favorable economic developments have made people feel more and more safe and satisfied.

At the same time, there are large parts of the population that do not or that hardly benefit from these developments. Compared to developed economies, Bonaire has high levels of poverty and income inequality, and workers in market sectors earn significantly less than employees in government service.

For further and, above all, inclusive growth, it is key that Bonaire develops its own earning capacity, especially in the market sector, and that poverty is combated.

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