‘Fair competition: the Dutch struggle against market power’

Published by Economisch Bureau Amsterdam on

Together with Martijn Snoep (chairman of the Board of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets) and Weijer Verloren van Themaat (partner at Houthoff and chairman of the Stichting Ontwikkelingen Mededingingsrecht), Cees van Gent (associate partner at Amsterdam Bureau for Economics) has guided the author (Roy op het Veld) in writing this book that analyzes the past, present and future of Dutch competition policy (Dutch title: Eerlijke concurrentie: de Nederlandse strijd tegen marktmacht). Among other things, the book answers the question of whether regulators are able to limit the power of big tech companies such as Google and Facebook. The book has been favorably received by experts such as Arnout Boot (Professor of Financial Markets at the UvA), Barbara Baarsma (CEO Rabo Carbon Bank and Professor of Applied Economics at the UvA) and Matthijs Bouman (journalist and economist).

The book can be ordered here.

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