Economisch Bureau Amsterdam launches new online data-tool

Published by Economisch Bureau Amsterdam on

Data on Caribbean countries is difficult to find. Economisch Bureau Amsterdam, in collaboration with Sofiris, developed an online data tool that brings together economic, institutional and financial data about the Caribbean: CARIBBEAN ANALYTICS and STATISTICS. The data tool is freely accessible and is regularly updated.

‘For our research in the Caribbean region, we often have to search different sources to get the necessary data. We have now bundled this into a data tool that is accessible to everyone,’ says Koert van Buiren, director of Economisch Bureau Amsterdam. ‘We hope to contribute to more data-driven policymaking in the region, and in particular in Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten. And we want to improve the ability of the general public to monitor economic developments. Especially in these times, when the economy is being hit so hard and unemployment and government debt are rising rapidly, it is important for citizens and companies to be able to keep up with developments’.

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